Death Van

by Crowhurst



"The compositions here may be filled to bursting with impenetrable mountains of sound but there's so much room for interpretation that what Crowhurst have essentially provided is a playground for your nightmares. An airless, stifling, relentless force of nature, indifferent as it pushes you onwards through its terror filled fever dream ('One Lane Blacktop' is the equivalent of hearing something impossibly upsetting happening in the next room, out of sight but oh-so real), forcing you to look at things you probably don't want to see. What they've also provided is their best work yet."

"The argument isn’t about whether or not drone can be classified as a subgenre of metal, let a genre at all, but instead where can it go? Can it elevate our senses? Perhaps, be worthy to classify it a form of art? On Crowhurst’s latest effort, Death Van, musician Jay Gambit ponders those exact thoughts while transcending the form of drone into a worthy redeemer of “art.” - Jordan Schursky // Speak Into My Good Eye

"Magnificently weaves between blissful noise and noisy bliss, although I’m more inclined to lean towards the blissful noise. This is some supreme harshness, boiling power electronics mixed with monolithic drone, caustic industrial shredding, and lurking beneath it all, bittersweet melodies full of gloom & heartache. So much going on here and it’s all beautifully hellish and fucking relentless, songs that are nonstop from start to end, each burning its own hole in your skull, bulldozing you with crumbling walls of static & deep bone rattling bass, and somehow putting the most euphoric twist on it like the warmth in the final seconds of your life. This record is 100% awesome." - Justin Snow // Anti Gravity Bunny

"...Makes me think of Wagner: it’s big, ambitious, brutal, noisy, driven, in-your-face..."
-The Final Judgment

"When one is forced to find solace in the bleakest of places, Crowhurst is able to effectively guide the listener in any direction. With the help of more than a couple friends, (almost every song here has multiple guests), Crowhurst drives the Death Van full of listeners on a guided tour of Hell in a way that's almost comforting. When we are able to look fear and misery in the eye, we are able to make peace with them. At its peak moments, this album takes the hideous and makes it beautiful. By the time we've all been beaten into submission, the gag is taken from our mouths and the chains are undone. An almost blissful rendition of the Death in June classic "Rose Clouds of Holocaust" provides a final moment of comfort and beauty, much like the last ten minutes of mental function before brain death occurs. The end is abrupt, yet haunting, leaving you with only one option: to enter the Death Van once again and repeat the cycle."
-Black Metal and Brews

"Crowhurst's new "Death Van" plays out like a slasher flick for acid victims...From the moment this album starts, you know you’re in deep shit. The Death Van isn’t approaching, you’re already in it-- pants around your ankles, gasping for breath with Crowhurst’s fingers in your throat. This initial anxiety attack lasts around fifteen minutes, and the rest of the album doesn’t get any more comfortable or inviting from there. They’re back, and they didn’t come to pleasure you. Get ready to squirm."
- Walt Liquor // Florida Noise Ordinance


released March 8, 2013

Jay Gambit* - Production, Arrangement, Various Electronics
Brian Schuessler** (Opacities) - Guitar, Electronics
Brian Reis*** (Yuggoth) - Guitar
Angel Ortega*** (Dive Signals) - Electric Organ, Pedals
Davi Santos**** (Hashima) - Electronics
Quentin Griffith***** (Hate Junkie) - Electronics
Quentin Rhys ***** (Wet Dream Asphyxiation/Rosy Palms) - Electronics
Vii Caso ****** ( (<O>) ) - Electronics
Tanner G. ****** (Black Leather Jesus) - Electronics
Jason Hodge ****** - Tape Loops
Foie Gras ******* - Guitar, Electronics
Sean Beard ******* (Waves Crashing Piano Chords) - Electronics, Broken Glass
Hexakai Dekagon ******* - Electronics
Darwin Raymond ******** - Electronics

*all tracks
**tracks 1, 3, 7
***tracks 1, 3
**** track 2
***** track 3
****** track 4
******* track 5
******** track 6

cover art: jim "grimgrimgrim" anderson

Jay Watson, Justin Pearson, Mike Crain, Ben Pachter, Brian Reis, Foie Gras, Wreck and Reference, Static Reason, Chuck, Ethan, George Moore, Ed from DIY Noise and Sordo, DJ Tim Kai, Brian Kameron, Dimitri Simakis and the rest of Everything Is Terrible, Brian Schuessler, Angel Ortega, Quentin Rhys, Sarah Kemp, Ben Pachter, Rachel Phadden, Frank Higuera (aka The Frank), Greh Holger, Pete Majors, Ricky LaVoir, Sean Beard, Danni Lange, Mark Warm and the Sender Reciever dudes, Pop Psychic/NVRMND Clothing, John Safran, Korruptus 13 Guitars, Jen Miller and Gabe Martinez, whoever made China's lax organ transplant laws, Victoria Charnley, Johnnie Walker Black, JIM MOTHERFUCKING ANDERSON and everyone who ever came to a show or bought a record or just supported us in any way. We love you all.



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Crowhurst Los Angeles, California

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA.

Solo work is harsh and experimental electronics.

Self titled album available on vinyl from Ivory Antler.

II will be out Summer of 2016 on Broken Limbs Recordings with a lineup featuring members of Caïna and Ævangelist.
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