The Lightbearer Trilogy (2017 Remaster)

by Crowhurst



The Lightbearer trilogy were all improvised live. None of these tracks were overdubbed beyond the heavy effects layers I used to try and make it sound like a Crowhurst record. Very little editing was done to preserve the integrity of the performances.

These tracks all are personally significant to me as they represent the transformation from being a “noise” endeavor to being a full on experimental music project. They were recorded before “I”, back when musicians would show up and improvise — many meeting for the first time on the stage.

The recording on these was pretty minimal. It was all done at either Bryan or Angel’s place. Bryan had some overhead microphones for his drums but for the most part I used an iPhone to get the job done. They were released as a series of EPs as a trilogy, as they came out, with no plans of a physical release.

Matthew Acevedo did the remastering for this. He has also done mastering for everyone from London Symphony Orchestra, to Isis, to Brand New. He was an associate professor at Berklee College of Music and taught at Harvard. In his spare time he is a Thrill Jockey Records recording artist who performs under the name Retribution Body.

Steven Wilson did the art for this remaster. His work can be seen gracing covers and merchandise for bands like Aevangelist, Shroud of the Heretic and Merzbow.

From May 17 until November 17 the profits of all digital sales that come directly from this record will go to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles.


released May 17, 2017

Lightbearer 1
released December 27, 2012

Jay Gambit - Electronics
Bryan Schuessler - Drums
Angel Ortega - Keyboards
Brian Reis - Guitar

Lightbearer 2
released January 13, 2013

jay gambit - various electronics / production
brian schuessler - drums
brian reis - guitar
angel ortega - electric organ

Lightbearer 3
released May 2, 2013

jay gambit - electronics/voice
brian schuessler - drums
angel ortega - guitar/screwdriver
brian reis - guitar



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Crowhurst Los Angeles, California

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA.

Solo work is harsh and experimental electronics.

Self titled album available on vinyl from Ivory Antler.

II will be out Summer of 2016 on Broken Limbs Recordings with a lineup featuring members of Caïna and Ævangelist.
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