You Have Been Fools II - Live 2013

by Crowhurst



This album contains all of the live recordings of Crowhurst in 2013 after March with the exception of our performances in Brooklyn at Public Assembly and at the David Kordansky Gallery which were not recorded and our show in the Cypress Creek Tunnel, a recording which is unavailable to me at the current moment and will likely end up on YHBF3. The first five tracks are also included on the Total Collapse EP.

Here are some notes about each performance.

++ 5.11.13 - Goldilocks Gallery // Philadelphia, PA ++
[lineup: Gambit / Boetke (SCANT) / Anderson / Doty / MacIssac / Zee]

This was the first night of a three date mini-tour with Theologian. One of those dates was cancelled at the last minute, right before the show started which contributed to me being quite frustrated. I also found out our bus to the next show was cancelled, which was resolved quickly but still led to a lot of tension. The good thing was that I used to live in Philly, so I got to jam with my buddies Jim Anderson (Uncle Frank/GrimGrimGrim) and Colin MacIssac (Barren) on top of meeting the incredibly awesome Matt Boetke (Scant), Matt Doty and Ryan Zee.

That night was highly memorable if only for the fact that we had to come and clean up all of the dried blood off of the gallery floor. It was also above the Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant, and I'm sure the patrons of that five star restaurant really appreciated it.

++ 5.20.13 - Pehrspace // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Schuessler/Ortega/Baxter]

It's almost difficult to listen to this show, as it was the last night of the Crowhurst mini-tour and probably the most technically difficult shows we'd ever played. This was the Higher Life party, and I could tell that the venue was already a bit apprehensive about having us. At one point, we blew the power completely in the entire building because apparently the monitors were on fire. We didn't plan it, it just kind of happened that way.

We were not invited back.

++ 5.23.13 - Five Star Bar // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Schuessler/Ortega/Wood/Baxter/Khouja]

What a show this was. The lineup was a three way collaboration between Lee Noble, Derek Rogers and Grant Capes opening, along with Baseck, Bestial Mouths, and Stripper Pussy. I was violently ill and watched most of the sets from above the stage, and when it came time to perform I was practically (well, literally at points) crawling around to get from one pedal to another. This was also the debut of the pyramid synth.

Another issue with this show was that we were all crammed onto a very tiny stage. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but there were seven of us. The fact that we all had to scramble to get to set up didn't help, and Brian's guitar rig ended up on the ground. That basically meant that none of us on stage could feed off of his riffs, and despite the show going well- it turned into a running joke amongst the band and our "open lineup" policy was quickly terminated.

++ 5.29.13 - Handbag Factory // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Schuessler/Ortega]

A short but sweet set. I didn't think it was our best, but some people who played thought it was. It's probably our harshest set we've done. We were all way excited to play International Noise Conference, but it was not without some technical difficulties (sensing a theme here?) as Brian's guitar's headstock broke on the way to the show. Solution? Smash it to fucking bits at the end of the performance. You can hear the crunch at the end and the sound of the strings snapping.

++ 7.2.13 - Handbag Factory // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Schuessler/Ortega]

Finally, a show that went off without a hitch... well, sort of. This show was alongside Dromez, Dakota Hogback, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, and Sex Bruises- all of which were on tour from Austin and staying at my house for a few days. Vasculae, the side project of Jon Borges from Pedestrian Deposit also played. We were the last band and played late, so it was mostly the die hard noise fans and touring bands that were sitting down on the floor to watch our set.

We kept it pretty dark ambient as the vibe of the room required, but a laptop was smashed so it wasn't *that* relaxing in there. It's also worth mentioning that our backing video was the 'Beyond The Mind's Eye' cassette that showcased early computer graphics, run through a Tachyons+ video mixer.

++ 7.3.13 - MATA [Breakdancing Ronald Reagan + Pedestrian Deposit + Dromez + Crowhurst] // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Cash/Borges/Kennedy/Gomez/Gambit]

Okay, this isn't *really* a true Crowhurst set. It was, however, one of the most unforgettable shows I've ever been a part of so I had to include it. The Austin crew were still staying at my house and MATA was just a stone's throw away, and since the venue only books four band bills Johnny and Liz did their open collaborative project Betch N' Turd. Johnny sent out a mass text to all of the LA noise guys asking if they'd like to play and Borges, Kennedy and I responded with an emphatic "yes".

I was using a hatchet, a sword and some leftover sheet metal that PD brought from their show with Black Leather Jesus. There are no words to describe what this set looked like, but you can find it on YouTube. All I can say was that the venue was filled with sparks, blood, metal, cables, sweat, alcohol and everything else imaginable. When it was all over, we all hugged and realized it was the fourth of July. How fitting.

++ 7.14.13 - Generator Show Under A Bridge [Crowhurst + Chainsaw Squid] // Long Beach, CA ++
[lineup: Andreas/Spackel/Gambit]

Yet another set that's not really a true Crowhurst set, but I couldn't leave it out. This was a last minute invite, and I did vocals and synth for LBC grinders Chainsaw Squid. Not much story behind it other than that it was under a bridge next to a Costco and you had to climb through a fence to get to it. It was an absolutely lawless scene, with punks shooting off M80's mid-set (at one point I announce "if you've got fireworks, set those fuckers off now!") and a lot of broken gear.

++ 8.20.13 - Almost Holden Collective // Santa Monica, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Curie/Soth/Shaffer]

This is the second show with the new core lineup, and it all meshed together perfectly. We had been practicing regularly (in the venue's side room), a new thing for us, and it resulted in a really cohesive set. At this show, I flipped a table with a bunch of gear on it and it nearly broke the nose of a young lady in the front row.

We also performed our cover of Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" which was really fun. The only technical issue was really that there was so much fog that none of us could really see each other. The result of this is that I ended our set by punching the cymbals until the music stopped.

++ 9.12.13 - Killradio Studios // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Soth/Curie]

It's kind of a cheat to include this in here since it was a radio gig and not a show in front of a live audience, but it was fun and sounded great. The track we played was 'Time Lapse Decasia' off of Memory Loss. We also performed a cover of 'Dream Home' by Roxy Music, a cover of 'Wandering Star' by Portishead and a cover of 'Sweet Leaf' by Sabbath and ended up spending the rest of the time being interviewed and talking about Steven O'Malley and Snapchat.

++ 11.3.13 - The Joint // Los Angeles, CA ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Soth/Curie/Rubio/Birawer]

THIS SHOW. Ugh, what a production this show was. It was supposed to be our 50th album release party and held in the downtown LA warehouse Hall run by KXLU DJ "The Frank". Unfortunately the venue got shut down and I spent the week before the show scrambling to find a new place to play. Luckily, The Elegy Ensemble came through and got us a nice little mid-city metal bar named The Joint which was incidentally a short walk from my apartment. Another issue was that at least 3 bands dropped off the bill and had to be replaced at the last minute and due to a technical error- the show was on a Sunday instead of a Saturday. Oops.

Despite all of the troubles, the set went off perfectly and sounded amazing. The addition of Marcus Rubio (with whom we'd played at the Kordansky show) on violin pushed it over the edge, and we ended up sounding better than we ever have. Not only that, but the supporting acts (Dorian Wood, Country Death, SisSisters, Rattlesnake Hyde, Dolphins N' Shit, Isaac Takeguchi and Major Entertainer Mike H) all did flawless sets as well. I did happen to stomp my mixer to near-death, which is why you'll often see me taking off it's metal backing before I play.

++ 12.30.13 - Five Star Bar // Los Angeles ++
[lineup: Gambit/Reis/Soth/Curie/Birawer]

What a way to end the year. This was a last minute gig supporting Portland doom trio The Body. This was a show that solidified our new core lineup and really took us to a new place musically. Truth be told, we hadn't all practiced since the show at the Joint almost two months prior. None of us had any idea if we were going to sink or swim, but we hopped on stage and did our thing.

Some notable things about this show are that I smashed a Casio and a lot of my gear, and some kid tried to pocket literally ALL of my pedals. Luckily they were retrieved and all was well. Also, the cable from Brian's guitar to the PA shit out so there's only a faint amount of his stuff that can be heard.


released January 3, 2014



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Crowhurst Los Angeles, California

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA.

Solo work is harsh and experimental electronics.

Self titled album available on vinyl from Ivory Antler.

II will be out Summer of 2016 on Broken Limbs Recordings with a lineup featuring members of Caïna and Ævangelist.
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